“I am the way ….” John 14:6a

Home is where all places, sounds, colors, and smells are familiar. Home is where we are known, embraced, and loved. But most importantly, home is where our loved ones are. When God created Adam and Eve, he provided them with a very special home. Unfortunately, as a consequence of their sin, they got displaced from their home and became homeless (Gen. 3:23). Since then, humanity has been longing to get back home, but something is blocking the path. The obstacles of sin and death keep us from going home.

When Jesus came into the world, He dealt with the powers of sin and death by defeating them on the cross, providing for those who believe in Him access to His Father’s house, and welcoming them as family. In Jesus, God has provided humanity with the only way to get to the home where we truly belong for all eternity.

In the meantime, those of us who have believed in Jesus as Christ are supposed to live in His way. Jesus modeled His way for us by living the values of our heavenly home, here on earth. In other words, Jesus is not only the way for humanity to get into the Father’s house, but He is also His family’s example to follow. Jesus is the way!

In the end, no one knows the specifics of our eternal home with Jesus. Maybe some of the places, sounds, colors, and smells of our heavenly house won’t be familiar to us. But there are some things that we know. In our eternal home, we will be known, we will be embraced, and we will be loved. But what will make the Father’s house our home, will be the presence of the One we love, Jesus.

Pastor Esteban Tapia

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