Worthy of Honor

Though it may seem odd, some fathers are jealous of their sons. They don’t want their sons to be more successful than they are. They don’t want their sons to receive more recognition than they do. They don’t want their sons to receive more glory than they get. Not so with God.

As was pointed out in yesterday’s devotional, there is perfect harmony between all members of the Trinity. One thing this means is that there is certainly no competition between Them. Another thing this means is that One rejoices when one of the Others is made much of. In other words, the Father is absolutely delighted when the Son is honored. In fact, verse 23 teaches that the Father is dishonored when the Son is dishonored. Our heavenly Father wants us to honor His Son!

This is significant for at least two reasons. First, in the context of this passage, Jesus knows that the Jews are very careful to honor the Father. Saying that it is impossible for them to honor the Father without honoring Him is another way of Him saying, “I am God.” He is claiming His equality with God.

The second reason it is important is that it lets us know that we should be as careful to honor the Son as we are to honor the Father. And how do we do this? By hearing and obeying His Word and by giving Him the worship and commitment He deserves as a co-equal with the Father and a member of the harmonious Trinity.

So here’s a suggestion for today: prayerfully renew your commitment to honor Christ and then ask for guidance in how to do that. The Father will be thrilled that you are trying to honor His Son!

Scott Smith

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