“If I alone bear witness about Myself, My testimony is not true” John 5:31

Jesus is still defending His equality with God to a hostile crowd, so He brings forth three very trustworthy witnesses. John the Baptist, His works, and His Father.

This made me think about my own witness; who do others see in me? It is very possible to live a life steeped in Christian culture, to get so wrapped up in what a Christian is supposed to look like, talk like, and act like, that we never really encounter Christ Himself. He isn’t seen in us, the light of the Holy Spirit isn’t detectable, and, if we try to convince a hostile crowd of Christ’s deity, it falls on deaf ears.

So, how do I witness the love of God in my life? I don’t have John the Baptist pointing others to me and I haven’t performed any miracles. But I do have Jesus, how can He be my witness?

Oswald Chambers preached these words over 100 years ago, and they are now more relevant than ever.

“The great need today, among those of us who profess sanctification, is the patience and ability to work out the holiness of God in every detail of our lives…to have a strong family likeness to Jesus”

That’s what I want, for others to see Jesus in me. I shouldn’t have to tell anyone I am a follower of Christ, there should be something different about me, a ‘family likeness’ that draws others in, opens doors, and opens hearts.

How to ‘work out the holiness of God’ and have the heart and mind of Christ is the question. Here are a few thoughts:

Love those who are unloveable, John 4:19 ‘We love, because He first loved us’.You can sing it if you want! But He did love us first, Romans 5:8, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. If we are walking with God, we should be demonstrating that ‘agape’ love to everyone, not just those who are easy to love. If we show a love that is sacrificial, unconditional, freely given, even to those who we think don’t deserve it, people will see Jesus.

Forgiveness is a difficult thing to extend. To forgive those who have hurt or betrayed us, to show grace and compassion to those who are a thorn in our side, is a powerful witness of what Christ can do in a heart.

Life is hard, but the joy we have is from being forgiven and free in Christ. Being joyful in all circumstances, to live a “life abundant” John 10:10,in the good and the bad times shows that we know He is in control and we trust Him, no matter what is going on in our lives.

Let our words be filled with life, healing, and love, not pride & self-righteousness. Patience, self-control, humility, and understanding, are what make a person lovely and someone others want to get to know.

So I promise to strive to ‘work out the holiness of God in the way I live my life. The next time I am with that one person, we all have at least one, who I think isn’t deserving of His love, who I can’t see presented perfect in Christ, I will remember who I want as my witness. I would love for you to join me in this so that we all bear that strong family likeness to Jesus.

Cyndie Evans

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