When you hear the word “behold” what picture comes to mind? Do you envision standing on a mountaintop, overlooking a breathtaking forested landscape with snow-capped peaks in the distance, while listening to the tender whisper of the wind and a baby bird chirping nearby? Or do you see yourself standing on a cliff looking out over the neverending expanse of the deep blue ocean, with a spectacular sunset displaying God’s splendor in a colorful tapestry? Maybe you see a newborn baby; each tiny little finger and toe, so delicate and so perfect, yet so helpless.

To behold is to pay attention; to be captivated, or fascinated by someone or something. In John 1:29, John the Baptist clearly communicates the delight and wonder that must have been felt by many as they saw Jesus walking towards them alongside the River Jordan. At that moment John looks up and declares, “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” Having the authority to “take away the sin of the world” is a bold declaration! Beholding the ONE who has that authority must have been an experience full of awe, reverence and wonder.

I love the words of an old hymn that I remember singing as a child: “I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene. And wonder how He could love me, a sinner, condemned, unclean… How marvelous! How wonderful! And my song shall ever be… How marvelous! How wonderful! Is my Savior’s love for me.”

As you stand amazed in the presence of your Savior during this season when we celebrate his birth, just take some quiet moments to behold. This baby entered the world as God incarnate; fully God and fully man. He has carried each of our burdens to Calvary, suffered, died, rose again, and declared us to be his precious children; holy and righteous.

What do you feel invited to this season that will help you pay attention to this marvelous and wonderful gift? What will cause you to stand in awe or wonder? How will you Behold the Lamb?

Lynette Fuson
Director of Care & Counseling

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