John 8:40-42
Jesus, in his relentless effort to make the Jews who believed in him in John 8 understand who he really was, said their father was the father of lies and they did what their father did. Ouch! We know Satan is the father of lies, so why did Jesus say that to them?

Believe it or not, Jesus loved them enough to speak truth because they still had evil in their hearts (they sought to kill him), and they were still confused about who Jesus was and the relationship with God that was available to them. They were unable or chose not to hear and understand what Jesus was saying; that God sent him, his only “begotten” Son to restore our relationship to Abba Father as sons and daughters.The way he spoke of God as (Abba) Father offended them. This shows they did not understand the prophecy in Isaiah about a future son (they refused to identify as Messiah):

Some of us struggle to see ourselves as sons and daughters of God. It’s easier to think of God as Creator, Lord, God of the Universe, Author of our lives. But Father? Dad? (Abba) It seems a little too close for comfort. Our vulnerability sensors go off. It can even feel scary. Do you struggle with such an intimate relationship?

As Jesus’ disciples we are called to become like Christ, and Christ calls God “Daddy.” We are to become like little children, and place ourselves in relationship with God not as his slaves but as his children. And not his adult children who are self-sufficient and have their parents at arm’s length. As his little four-year-old children, completely dependent, vulnerable, and trusting. Have you ever watched three or four year olds learn about God? They accept his love whole-heartedly and how they love to sing songs of praise to him! In Matthew 19 Jesus said to let the little children come…for to such as these belongs the kingdom of heaven.

He cherishes each of us and wants an intimate relationship with us for his glory and our good for all eternity. By his grace and through the Holy Spirit we can cry out “Abba, Father.” Let’s pray to make good use of this grace for our Father in heaven delights in us, his children.

Deb Hill

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