“They did not understand…”
John 8:27a

When reading the passage of Scripture for this week, John 8:12-30, the first word that came to mind about the Pharisees’ challenge to Jesus was ‘clueless’.

They really had no concept of who He was. Being clueless can be caused in a few different ways. As in the 1995 movie Clueless, it was because the lead character was incredibly naïve and had no idea that she was clueless about life! I would describe myself as being clueless when it came to the reason for Jesus’ death on the cross. I knew the story of the crucifixion and resurrection but was clueless as to the why of it. I had some knowledge, just not complete knowledge. That changed at a Youth for Christ rally years ago when salvation was explained to me and I trusted in Him as my Savior.

The third causal factor for being clueless is limiting ourselves by our preexisting ideas and assumptions. It is apparent that no matter what Jesus said, the Pharisees would not see Him as the Messiah. They believed the Messiah would come to be a mighty conquering warrior to free the Jews from Rome. They missed Isaiah 52 and 53 which describes the Suffering Servant and the Sin-bearer lamb that would “bear the sins of many.” The Pharisees assumed the Messiah would come as they wished and so chose not to hear what Jesus was telling them. They asked the right question, “Who are you?” in John 8:25 but they still didn’t hear his answer because it didn’t fit their assumption. Jesus told them who He was by word and deed, but they continued to choose to be ‘clueless.’

In this event, not all were clueless and many chose not to be clueless any longer:
“Even as he spoke, many put their faith in him.” John 8:30


LORD, search me and show me where my own preexisting ideas would keep me from truth, keep me from hearing You, keep me from trusting You. Reveal to me what holds me back that I might surrender it to You that I might live in the way You want!

Francie Overstreet

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