It is so much easier to turn inward, find an ear to vent to, or just make a fake Facebook account to complain to the world, rather than telling God what’s wrong. As I read Peter’s words in his letter, his encouragement was coming from his heart because of the experiences he had been through. He knew how hard it was for people to submit to one another and how hard it is for them to submit humbly to God. Which is still true for us at times too.

When it is that hard, we tend to complain more than pour out what is wrong. We can’t seem to come up with solutions, just problems, and we do not want to wait for what God has. That is why the simple wisdom Peter gives is so vital. We need to recognize who is mighty to help — God. When we look to Him, we pause to consider who He is and what He has done so we can then go to Him. When we go with humility, we can cast our worries and fears upon Him and He works to remove them.

Peter went through a lot over his life and time with Jesus. He knew the burden of not turning to God, but he also knew the freedom Jesus gives from our pride and complaining.

Take a few quiet moments and think about or write down God’s characteristics that remind you of His might, power, love, forgiveness. Next pray and thank Him for those things. (Dear God thank you for…) Feel free to cover each characteristic.

Next, spend a few moments thinking about or writing down your worries.  Humbly submit them to Jesus in prayer. (Jesus help me with giving you this…) Take your time and give each one.  

Lastly, thank Jesus for caring about you and ask him to show you how much He cares about you today.

Jeremy Johnson
Pastor of Men’s Ministries

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