One of my favorite types of books growing up was called “Choose Your Own Adventure.” The stories would allow you to interact and predict what was going to happen. Then you got to skip pages depending on your predictions. Skipping pages was not the only reason I liked the stories: I wanted to play a part in the outcome. Sometimes I would get it right and finish the book, but sometimes I would get it wrong and have to start over.

There were many people in Jesus’ day making predictions about the future story — like me trying to predict the end of the book with minimal reading. They had some key details, but their view was limited. The Pharisees knew Jesus needed to be killed for their good, but they had made that decision based off their fear of Rome coming in and taking over (John 11:47-50). God had made the decision based off His plan and had them follow along (John 11:51-53). God knows the whole story while we only have parts. To fulfill the Pharisees’ goal and God’s plan they had to accuse Jesus’ authority while He was in the temple (Matthew 21:23). They thought this was what was needed to take the next step.

After Jesus questions them (and shows His divine authority), he eventually comes to the Mount of Olives and teaches about things to come. He uses parables or stories and makes some vital statements. The point of His discourse was not to tell us a plan, but to tell us to watch and live the story with Him. He wants us to understand not the time He is coming, but that He is coming (Matthew 24:36). He wants us to enjoy the story as we live with Him and for Him. He wants us to unite over the things to come. He wants us to reflect His love through our lives and in His story as it unfolds. It is a powerful teaching that calls generations to live in faith expecting His return. Are you in expectation of his return?


Take a moment and think about why you are excited about Jesus’ return? Pray and tell the Lord.

Take a moment to think about others who need to know Jesus’ authority. Pray and ask him to work in them.

Take a moment to think of the things you are thankful Jesus has done in your life. Pray and thank him for all those things.

By Jeremy Johnson
Pastor of Men’s Ministry & Resonate

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