Yesterday’s devotional told about the Christmas gift of a sweet puppy. What great memories came back to her of what she experienced as this puppy grew, which she wouldn’t have known until actually being with that warm furry bundle of love! This is also true of we who received the gift of the Holy Spirit when we trusted Christ as our Redeemer and Savior. We know about Him, Counselor, Advocate, Teacher, Helper, Comforter, etc. But how do we experience life with the Holy Spirit residing in us?

This devotional will be different as it seemed good to me to ask about our experiences with the Holy Spirit to remind us of times He was working in and through us and we weren’t aware of it.

Ever been awakened in the middle of the night compelled to fervent prayer for someone? One friend shared that God awakened her in the dark of night urging her to pray for a granddaughter who was going astray; it was urgent and passionate. Another told of being awakened to pray for missionaries to find out later that something dangerous was happening at that exact moment and God protected them. That is the Holy Spirit.

A friend grieving the loss of her husband who stepped out of ministering to women, began to feel God’s call to serve Him again. She asked God to bring those opportunities to her as she would not seek them on her own. A lady she did not know approached her in Costco, this woman also grieving. A conversation started and she is still lovingly speaking Truth to her several years later. That is the Holy Spirit.

Once I was scheduled to be one of the speakers at a women’s retreat. As I reviewed my presentation, I had a strong impression that I was to use a different verse in one section. I resisted and told the Lord that I was ready with that one. The impression grew stronger so I changed it, having no idea why. The speaker before me used that previous verse as one of her main points. Oh, the Holy Spirit again!

Another friend loves to hand write encouraging notes to people and she says when the words just flow onto the page, she knows it is the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit works in our transformation and may use things that provoke us to get our attention. It may instead be an invitation to seek wisdom from the Holy Spirit, to be quiet with Him and listen.

When you read scripture and are particularly struck by a phrase, or truth, or revelation, that too is the Holy Spirit.

This is just a small sampling, but what is our part in this?

Make space for Him.

Pay attention (ask the Lord’s help to not miss opportunities or moments like these.)

Wait, expect, anticipate.

Reflection: Today, do some remembering and sharing of how the Holy Spirit has worked in your life. It will bring joy and glory to God.

Francie Overstreet

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639 E 17th Ave, Escondido, CA 92025
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(760) 745-2541

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