I used to be so glad someone decided to give out candy for Halloween.  As a kid I would take a pillowcase trick or treating and usually end up sick from eating too much candy! Snickers and Skittles taste so good, but never really satisfied.  What is meant for good turns into gluttony because I didn’t stop trying to find satisfaction after a couple treats.

Over my life I have learned this can happen spiritually also. I look to things to make me feel better instead of trusting in Jesus’ work to transform me.  Therefore, a little candy (or a lot) will give a little enjoyment, before we crash and are left searching for satisfaction again.

That is why the host’s table in Psalm 23:5 is a beautiful picture.  We see a table the Lord has prepared, full of what we need to fully satisfy our soul.  Nothing can quite fill us like our relationship with Jesus, and he does all the work so we can be satisfied (Romans 5:8).  Through His provision we are fulfilled, rested, and restored (2 Cor. 12:9).

I sometimes trade His table for treats that don’t fulfill.  I don’t feel good enough to come to the table, I don’t belong at the table, what if I don’t want what He has prepared, or maybe I am afraid of the enemies that are around.  I look to others or things to fill my need instead of going to His table and I end up a glutton because I am not letting His grace satisfy my soul.  I keep reaching for things that keep me in a cycle of temporary enjoyment followed by a crash, but that is not what He wants.

Hebrews 4:15-16 reminds me that Jesus understands me and allows come to Him with confidence.  His grace and mercy can help me move from just surviving on scraps and treats to find satisfaction in Him.  Then I come to the table, no matter life’s circumstances, and am restored because He is giving me what I need.  That frees me from the worries and stress of life (Romans 8:38-39).

When we try to fill our own soul, it’s gluttony; when we let God do it, it’s grace.  His grace fully satisfies.

Jesus thank you for being there always, help me believe and trust in your grace to fully satisfy me.  I love you, amen.

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