How do you normally respond when someone does something for you that is off the charts? How do you respond when someone serves you in a way that makes you feel embarrassed? That makes you feel uncomfortable? That makes you feel amazing?

Well, if I could be so bold as to hazard a guess, I would suggest it’s probably in one of two general ways (though it may be in both). First, you may say, “Thank you” over and over and over again to the point that you are asked to stop. And second (or maybe, “Or second”), you may say, “I owe you for this one,” or “How can I ever pay you back?”, or “You know I can’t pay you back for this, right?” In one response we show gratitude. In the other, we show we think we have just incurred a debt we have to pay back.

In yesterday’s message, we learned that Jesus sacrificed for us, so now we get to go sacrifice for Him. Which is right and good. However, what is not right or good is to sacrifice for Him from a place of thinking we somehow have to pay Him back for what He did. Why? Because we can’t pay Him back for what He did. Ever. Which is, of course, exactly why He did what He did.

Friends, Jesus didn’t go to the cross to secure for Himself a people who feel burdened by a debt they feel they need to repay. He went to the cross to secure for Himself a grateful and thankful people who live in His grace and who no longer serve Him out of obligation, but out of joy and in freedom.

Today, as you sacrifice for Him, ask that you would be given the ability to do that without a hint of thinking you somehow have to pay Him back for what He did for you.

Scott Smith
Care Pastor

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