Growing up when I would stay the night at my grandparent’s house, I loved it most of the time, but there was always one moment that I was scared of. If you had to use the restroom in the middle of the night, the bathroom was located at the end of a long dark hallway. I remember my routine; I would pray, I would run, and the hallway would get longer and longer in the dark of night. In actuality, the hallway was not that long and not that scary, but I could not get past it because my fear would cause me to take flight instead of trusting in Jesus’ might. Of course, I’ve grown to realize how my mighty God would take care of me in those moments of fear.

Our Savior is not only a wonderful counselor, but he is also mighty (Isaiah 7:6). Usually I think of brute force or physical strength, but really I have a Savior who will be there in the dark hallways of life, watching over me, and protecting me. I do not have to be afraid or flee, instead, I can trust in his might. Paul explains in Ephesians 6:10 that we can be strong in God’s mighty power as he tells us about how to put on the full armor of God. When I understand his might, I don’t have to run or hide, I can trust him instead. I didn’t fully grasp that as a child and even now I can feel fear begin to rise at times, but then I look to the Lord and realize with him there is nothing to fear.

Maybe you are facing a decision to flee and take flight, maybe this is a little reminder of how we can trust Jesus’ might in those moments of fear. Take a moment and think about those things that might cause you to want to take flight, are they bigger or stronger than Jesus? Is there something he can not do to help? As we think about this advent season and what we need, take time to let our Lord know, he is mighty and can help. If you need any encouragement, we are here as well.

Jeremy Johnson
Family Pastor

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