When my kids were little I had a nightmare that people were breaking into my house. Apparently, the dream was so real I grabbed a baseball bat and went running down the hall screaming I’m going to get you! Needless to say no one went back to bed in my house after that! Dreams cause us to go through a range of emotions and can have an effect on our perspective about what is coming up next.

Nebuchadnezzer was so troubled or disturbed by his dream, he needed help (Daniel 2:1). He couldn’t rest, he couldn’t think, he started to act differently and make threats to his trusted advisors (Daniel 1:5). He was so tormented by his dream, that finding out the meaning was the only way he could take the next step. He turned to advisors, magicians, enchanters, astrologists, to tell him what he needed to know, but no one had answers. Have you ever looked for advice from the wrong people and couldn’t get the answers you needed?

Often we find ourselves troubled by circumstance or various things that happen to us or around us. When you are troubled where do you turn?  Nebuchadnezzer turned to the wrong people. I have done that at times as well, instead of seeking out God and what he offers or advice from someone who is walking with the Lord, I turn to others for answers I want. Usually I am left lost or troubled, without hope or answers..

The story in Daniel chapter 2 reminds us that God knows all, that God can do all, and that God will guide us as we need. It reminds us that our hearts do not need to be troubled because we can turn to Jesus for the peace we need (John 14:27). It shows us how his truth will guide us (Proverbs 3:5-6; John 17:17). It reminds us that God won’t hide from us when we seek him (Proverbs 8:17).

If you are troubled, seek out the Lord and let him know, he wants to help you. If you need help, we are here to pray and seek out the Lord with you.

Pastor Jeremy Johnson

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