I remember the first time I stepped into a chiropractor’s office. It was small, only one doctor, no private rooms, and the sound of popping could be heard clear out in the waiting area. The friend I was with was out of alignment. His back resembled an “S” more than a straight-line. He hurt his back by lifting something too heavy and needed an adjustment to get things to line up so he could walk and work like normal again.

Have you ever been out of alignment spiritually? Maybe your quiet time is a little off, maybe scripture is hard to enjoy when you read it, maybe the words don’t come out right when you pray. Maybe law and grace seem to be in a battle and are causing tension in your life.

The Apostle Paul felt tension and I think he saw it in the lives of the people he ministered to as well. In Romans chapter 7, you can see him talking through sin, law, truth, grace and how they can change our alignment. When they are all present, tension rises in us and puts us out of alignment with the Holy Spirit. Romans 7:14 tells us the law is spiritual and yet we are unspiritual. The Law is good and points out our need for Christ, but sometimes we fall into the tension trap that is sin and shame and the result is misalignment. Paul also knew the solution is Jesus, and he gives Jesus the credit in verses 24-25.

We all desperately need Jesus. He is full of grace and truth (John 1:14) and it is His grace and truth that aligns our hearts and minds. His fullness pours out onto us which allows us to live in alignment with the Father through him (John 1:15). When we are aligned with him, we have everything we need for life.

That’s what Paul was communicating, circumstances can be heavy or messy and cause us to try to do everything on our own.

Then when we can’t; our alignment is in desperate need of an adjustment. The beauty of the Gospel during this season is Jesus in the fullness of grace and truth wants to give us the spiritual adjustment we need. We need to accept what He provides out of His fullness. Will you accept what He wants to give you today?

Jesus, I need you to adjust my attitude, heart, mind, body, soul, etc. Thank you for being there for me, even when I am wrong and out of alignment. Take the blinders off me so I can see your grace and truth today and every day.

Jeremy Johnson
Pastor of Men’s Ministries

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