We are “heaven’s poetry.” Isn’t that a beautiful thought? But, what does that even mean? Most versions of this verse use the word, “workmanship,” and that conjures up a very tangible idea of a physical human creation, but this version brings us the idea that we are a unique artistic product, crafted by the mind of God.

For most people, going to a movie or reading a good story is a form of relaxation and entertainment. For me, however, it can prove dangerous. As far back I can remember, I have had a very vivid imagination. I’d watch an afternoon episode ofSuperman, and within five minutes, a hyperactive 5-year old had a towel tied around his neck and was leaping from the staircase of our family home in Richmond. I didn’t just watch Superman, I became Superman.

I think we all long to be part of something bigger than ourselves to have a part in an adventure that begins with “based on a true story.” We all love a good story, and it’s made even better if we are part of it. Stories find their way into every avenue of art; for example, the ballad (a story-telling song) is the most popular form of folk music and is still used frequently in popular music today. Good poetry gives voice to our inmost longings and speaks to the deepest parts of who we are and hope to be. This is the heart of Ephesians 2:10. When we consider the original version of the verse, the actual Greek word Paul uses for “workmanship” in Ephesians 2:10 is poiema, and if we were to translate it to English, we would use the word “poem.” So literally, we are God’s living poetry – we are poetry in motion.

We each are a verse, a stanza in God’s grand, cosmic, epic poem; the one supreme odyssey of grace and glory. We are invited to enter in and become a part of God’s story, to live it every day. But sometimes we live this life in a manner that is fictional and superficial, with our towel, capes and staircases a playing a part in a story of our own imagination. Being
part of God’s true story is so much better because it means that everything I do matters now; it means I am uniquely fashioned to participate in His work every day and be a living display of God’s boundless grace and love. Its means I am no longer defined by a dark past or stifled by an uncertain future. Remember you are in Christ; you are a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). God has prepared special things just for you to do today determined before time. He is ready to form and fashion you into a work of art. Hand him the pen — let the Author help you become a beautiful, living masterpiece of his poetry in motion.

Dave Hook
Pastor of Music & Worship Arts

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