You might have been woken in the middle of the night a couple of weeks ago by an amazing light and sound show in Escondido. A storm cell moved through the area which created a powerful thunderstorm. I apparently slept through it! Everyone else in my house woke up and was amazed at what they experienced. It was a brief glimpse of God’s power, beauty, and majesty and at the same time, instances like that cause a little fear and trepidation. Realistically I never want to miss out on seeing God’s power, of course, you have to be watchful and ready. Sometimes it wakes us up and sometimes we have to be disciplined to be ready.

Sometimes when we talk about God there is metaphorical lightning and thunder and sometimes we miss the power. Paul did not want believers’ words or lives to miss the power of God. In verse 20 Paul talks about how the power of the Gospel, the power of transformation, and the power of God should be displayed through our lives. Of course, that takes discipline. Being dedicated to living in the way of Jesus with the heart of Jesus allows our lives to reveal the power God gives. Others see a difference, not just in words, but indeed as well. That transformational power God displays through the believers’ life of obedience and discipline is amazing and a testimony to how he can change everything. That is a power we don’t want to miss.

Let’s not miss the power of God in the life of his church. Together, let’s gather around what God is doing so we can share in his power. I would like to encourage you to spend some time with the Lord and ask him where you might need to take some steps of obedience with him, where you might need a little more discipline in your walk. Also take some time to praise him for where you see his power, where you see change, and where you see the strength in your walk. We have plenty of ways to help you with groups, classes, and mentors, just reach out and we will help you take the right step.

Pastor Jeremy
Family Pastor

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