Since this last Sunday was the last week of our Distance Learning series on the book of Daniel, we decided that we would write devotionals that reflect back over the whole book. The question that we asked was, “What are some of the key insights that have challenged us over the course of this series?” We pray that these insights would be just as encouraging to you as they have been to us.

What I want to share with you today is actually a little embarrassing to admit. My first thought when that question was asked was, “I’ve been amazed by how relevant the book of Daniel is to today.” I’m embarrassed to admit that because I should know that all scripture is relevant to us and it shouldn’t be a surprise to me at all. I mean, I’m a Pastor, and the “Teaching Pastor” at that! It is quite literally my job to find ways to make this 2000-4000-year-old library of ancient texts become relevant to people today. Shouldn’t I already know how relevant it is? 

Well yes. I do know that. In fact, I have built my life around that truth. But it doesn’t mean that I am any less surprised and amazed by the way God works through his scriptures. Isn’t it incredible how the writings of a Hebrew slave, writing in two languages that we don’t speak, on the other side of the world, more than 2500 years ago can speak into the very particular cares and concerns of our world today? The list of topics that are relevant to us is pretty astounding. It is a book about God’s sovereignty in the midst of chaos, God’s presence in the midst of the fires, his comfort in the midst of isolation, peace in the midst of persecution, hope in the time of uncertain-ever-changing politics, conviction for those who wannabe in charge, promises that get us through dark times, prayers on behalf of a nation that’s lost its way, repentance for the sins of the past, and prophetic words for the future that gives us strength when future look dim. 

Wow! Does anything in that list sound relevant to 2020? 

All of this is from a small (unfortunately, often forgotten) book of the Bible. And yet, the reason that this book has been passed down from generation to generation is that it has had this same effect on people ever since it was written. This is why I love this book so much! It holds timeless truths about day to day realities that were inspired by a God who knows us and understands what we are going through. If you haven’t done this in a while, just take a moment and praise the Lord for the amazing gift of the Bible. 

Father, we thank you for the gift of your unique revelation to us. We especially thank you for how all of it points us to your greatest gift to us, Jesus. Amen.

Josh Rose
Teaching Pastor

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