There is a reason that all the magicians and enchanters saw this as an impossible request. It was an impossible request! King Nebuchadnezzar was asking them not only to interpret his dream, but to somehow explain the content of his dream as well miraculously. They were right when they said, “No one can reveal it to the king except the gods…” Those words were true. The dream could only be revealed by God himself, which makes Daniel’s statement in 2:28 so powerful: “But there is a God in heaven…” That is one of the greatest “buts” of the Bible!  

One question I have always had about this passage is, why not just tell his wise men the dream and let them interpret it? That seems like it would have been a lot more efficient. Maybe he had even forgotten his dream and he was looking for someone to explain it to him. Even if parts that were familiar to him, dreams are always easy to put into words. They are often nebulous and elusive. Have you ever tried explaining your dream to someone? Every time I’ve tried, it just seems like it made much more sense in my head. Maybe King Neb’s dream was much like our dreams… just a little elusive and beyond reach.

Can you relate? Do you have dreams that seem out of your grasp? Not sleeping dreams, but life dreams? Are they ever a little too elusive? Maybe they seem too big for you. Or the type of thing that you can’t quite put into words. Even worse, you may have given up on dreaming altogether. It may be time to be reminded of your dream. To remember what the purpose of all of this is. Maybe you just need to hear the words, “But there is a God in heaven.” 

However, the dream that I want you to remember today is not your own personal dream, it’s the dream of Jesus. His dream for your life is not illusive, it is solid and real … as real as the splinter you would have if you touched his cross. Allow Jesus to be your dream. Remember, he is our King! Yes, he’s gone away for a bit and left us to take care of things while he is gone. But the good news is that he is not far away and he’s coming back. Let’s get this place ready for him today! Father, may your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven! 

Pastor Josh Rose

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