Have you ever been in a situation where you were so stuck, there didn’t seem to be a way out?  I still remember the last few days of being stuck in a foreign country (against my will), just waiting for God to open the heavens or do something because I couldn’t sit and wait any longer. Then the elation and surprise when I saw two Coast Guard cutters (really nice ships) come into the harbor to escort us home was surreal. I was not sure if I was dreaming or if this was finally happening. Sometimes our perspective of reality needs to change so we can see what God has done.

The disciples needed a perspective change after the crucifixion, they needed to live in the reality of the resurrection! Jesus had died, there was no more life in his earthly body and the disciples witnessed everything. Imagine trying to process what was actually happening for them, imagine the range of emotions, and imagine the sense of loss. Some of us can relate to some of their experiences. Then Jesus came back. He was/is alive and to prove it he showed them the scars of the piercings he received. Everything changed because Jesus was alive!

Do you live in the reality that Jesus is living and reigning now? He is risen, he is leading, he is forgiving to this day. Does his resurrection shape the way you view life, your day, or other people? Sometimes I don’t live in resurrection reality, I forget the mission Jesus set forth, and I just look at my circumstances. When my mission (typically short-sighted selfishness or misguided perception, if I’m being honest) becomes about my life or my next step, then I change from living on mission-aligned with Jesus to trying to do his mission on my own.

Jesus rose to reveal the love, forgiveness, and power of the Father to fix our reality. In doing this, Jesus gave us a mission (to make disciples that then make disciples) by living in his way with his heart. That is our mission and it is powered by the reality that Jesus is alive. Will you join me in living on mission in light of Jesus’ reality? This is about a few people in your life that need to meet Jesus? Pray about how you can introduce Jesus to them, then step into the mission and introduce them! Praying Jesus’ resurrection changes all of our daily realities.

Pastor Jeremy Johnson
Family Pastor

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