I remember taking the S.A.T. test and it was miserable for me. It was on a Saturday morning, I had a game the night before, I had not prepared as well as I should have, and this test just seemed like a waste of time. I showed up and asked God for help (grace, mercy, and a good score) on the test. Realistically, I figured God was probably laughing at my request, even though he had come through many times before. I felt like the weight of my future was all upon my shoulders (it wasn’t, but Satan wanted me to believe that lie).

My test was a little different from Daniel’s test. He and his friends were in a new land, around new people, and new customs. It would have been stressful, intimidating, and frightening. Daniel knew how powerful God was, so he did not take the weight of the test upon his shoulders, instead he put his trust in God.  He actually asked to be tested by diet to show God’s ability to his new boss. That is bold! 

My faith (and lack of preparation) in taking the S.A.T. was different than Daniel’s being tested by his diet. I threw up a “hail Mary” hoping God would miraculously work so I did not look foolish. Daniel had put his faith in God, trusting God to provide a very real and visible way through this test. He knew God would come through, even though life had not gone as expected.  

Daniel’s faith in God meant everything, he did not know exactly what God would do, but he knew honoring God even under testing was the right thing to do. So he trusted in God’s goodness, no matter the consequence.  It was a simple test of faith, with clear, observable outcomes. Ten days of vegetables and water would show what God could do, Daniel knew God would reveal himself through the test. The story reminds me how God works through simple tests to reveal himself to all.

As you reflect on the last few weeks or months, where have you seen God working through simple tests?  Where can you thank God for what he has done?  Be bold and share with someone what God has done.

Pastor Jeremy Johnson
Pastor of Men’s Ministry

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