Smart vs. Stupid, who would win? You might want more information about the contest or about the contestants before making a prediction. Generally speaking, however, smart beats stupid every time.

Jesus doesn’t give more information as he wraps up the greatest sermon ever given. Instead, he simply states that the people who put his words into practice are smart and the ones who do not put his words into practice are stupid. Jesus of course uses the more polite version of these words, wise and foolish, but in practicality, they are the same.

Author and then pastor Randy Alcorn wrote a surprising phrase in his book “The Purity Principle” that expressed the heart of what Jesus was saying as he wrapped up the Sermon on the Mount. Alcorn was describing the wisdom of trusting God in all areas of life, but especially in regards to one’s sexuality and he says that “purity is always smart and impurity is always stupid.”

Too often, believers think of Jesus’ standards as limiting, but for unknown or unknowable reasons. The truth is, putting Jesus’ words into practice is always the smart thing to do. He has people’s best interests at heart and wants to protect us from the emotional, physical, and relationship pain that is an automatic consequence of not trusting him (putting his words into practice).

As Jesus concludes the Sermon on the Mount, Matt. 7:24-28, he explains that the smart person builds their life on his words for security against the storms of life, but the stupid person doesn’t. That life is built with no stability and when the storm comes what they built comes crashing down around them.

Are you putting Jesus’ words into practice? Be smart and spend some time praying about putting what he says into practice today.

John Riley
Jr. High Pastor

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