Fun fact, the idea for buffet-style eating began in France in the 17th century, of course, some might say it was developed earlier or in other regions. The reason I threw out this fact is that in my younger days (higher metabolism) my friends and I loved going to buffets. We specifically looked for all you -can- eat buffets and sometimes we were asked to leave. We would spend a couple of hours talking, laughing, and eating until the restaurant staff was not our biggest fans. We were young athletes so we could eat pretty much what we wanted without worrying about what it might do to us. Now, however, I get indigestion just thinking about that.

Here is the point: our physical state has an effect on our spiritual state. When we are hungry, tired, and stressed, it takes a toll on our bodies and it takes a toll on our souls. In 1 Corinthians 6:12-20, Paul is addressing how physical sins affect our bodies and the body of the church. The issue was believers living out the philosophy of, “I have the right to do anything…” When they acted this out, it quickly became a problem because it opened up individuals to sin and it ended up hurting everyone. We are made of spirit (or soul) and flesh, and we need to take care of both.  Paul reminds us that physical training has some value and he warns us to be careful because godliness or taking care of the soul is vital (1 Tim. 4:8).

Let’s be careful to make sure we take care of our souls and our bodies (no more all you can eat for me!), let’s strive to be ready for what God calls us to do. That will take discipline and it will take a desire for the things above more than the comfort for now. As we journey together, let’s encourage one another; take some time to reach out to someone who might need this reminder or if you need a little help, we are here and will do our best!

Pastor Jeremy Johnson
Family Pastor

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