At the end of John Chapter 16 (verse 33), Jesus told his disciples “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world, you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” Jesus revealed to the disciples there was a lot they would yet have to endure once he left them and returned to his Father. Their future was far from easy. Many trials and tribulations were in store. They would be scattered by persecution, some would be cast into prison, and most of the apostles would eventually be martyred. Yet, in the face of all of this, Jesus assures them (and us as well) “… that in me you may have peace.”

Believers through the centuries have faced all types of trials and tribulations, yet in fulfillment of Jesus’ words in John 16:33, countless numbers of brothers and sisters in Christ experienced peace in the eye of the storm. When the world and the flesh scream, “Fight or flee!”, God’s children can entrust themselves into His arms and remain in perfect peace. From a human perspective, this is counter-intuitive. It speaks clearly of God’s supernatural presence within a believer. Our ability to find such peace in the face of dire circumstances speaks of a spiritual reality the world cannot understand — the presence of Christ in you!

Even as Jesus anticipated his coming suffering and lonely death upon the Cross, he assured his disciples, “Yet I am not alone, for the Father is with me” (John 16:32). And, Christ’s promise to you as a believer is he will never leave you nor forget you in your time of need. You can take heart in the face of any worldly trial because, first of all, Jesus has overcome the world, and secondly, God will not allow any given trial in your life unless he knows you can endure it. As the Father is present in the Son, his Holy Spirit is present in you. His Spirit searches your heart and knows exactly what spiritual gifts and capacities he has given you. He knows what trials you can and cannot endure. Whatever God allows, he will enable you to both survive the trial and grow in your walk of faith as his beloved child.

Remember when trials enter your life that Christ is with you, Christ is in you, and Christ will provide all that you need to endure. In doing so, your life will bring him glory.

Pastor Dave Korinek

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