The Parable of the Prodigal Son is most likely the best-known parable. It’s the longest, has the most details and unlike other parables, it has more than one lesson.

● Repentance & Forgiveness
● Self Righteousness & Moral Superiority

While reading this parable, I wondered which brother to write about, which one could I see in myself?

The older brother and his self-righteousness & moral superiority? Probably, how many times have I listened to a sermon, knowing exactly who it was meant for, and thought, “too bad they weren’t there to hear it”?

I certainly couldn’t see any of myself in the younger son. The Greek word for prodigal is ‘dissolute’ and carries with it the idea of a depraved lifestyle. That’s not me, I would never ask for my inheritance and then squander it! Then the Holy Spirit gave me a little nudge to pray and this is what He brought to mind.

I am like the prodigal, I have squandered, misused, and wasted my Father’s inheritance, many times, in many different ways:

Selfishness: It blinds us to the needs of others. The gifts that I have received from a generous God, I have sometimes kept to myself, assuming they are just for me and not others. They’re mine! No, they are to be shared, they are for blessing and supporting the body of Christ.

Pride: Have I thought too highly of myself, that what I have to give is too good for someone else? It’s mine! Am I too focused on myself? Have I allowed real needs to become trivial, next to my priorities?

Worldliness: Do I prize and prioritize what the world does? Do I waste and misuse my gifts and my time by enjoying what the world finds comfort in? Having fun, hobbies, social media, really anything that keeps us from spending time with Him. When our prayer life is not what it should be, neither is our walk.

It is never too late to share the gifts He has given us and make a difference in the lives of others.

Cyndie Evans
Operations Coordinator

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