We're in this together

We may have the title of Elder but we are all on the journey of learning to live in the way of Jesus with his heart. Each of us is on that Journey and we love walking along side you on that path.

Our Elder Board (for 2024-2025)

Lay Elder Board Members Serving for Fiscal Year 2024-2025...

The following men will be serving on our Elder Board this next year (officers noted in parenthesis; those elected/re-elected on April 28 noted*):

Rich Bell (Chairman), John Borland*, Michael de Neve, Jaisen Fuson*, Jon Goodman*, Greg Hill (Assistant Secretary), Chris Holz (Secretary), Larry Michel*, Deric Moen*, Austin Nielsen, Steve Nelson (Vice Chairman), Doug Smith, Todd Willer, Dale Whittle, and Joe You.

Those who will serve on the Nominating Committee are:

Emmet Lee*, Ron Peet*, and Shay Phillips*.

Austin Nielsen

Chris Holz

Dale Whittle

Deric Moen

Doug Smith

Esteban Tapia

Greg Hill

Jasien Fuson

Jeremy Johnson

Joe You

John Borland

John Riley

Jon Goodman

Larry Michel

Michael de Neve

Rich Bell

Scott Smith

Steve Nelson

Todd Willer