We follow a lot of things these days. Athletic teams, political parties,
celebrities, internet groups, and more are what we choose to follow for
various reasons. Some people aspire to be followed and claim to have
thousands or even millions of followers. Some of these people are called
influencers and often make money from companies whose products they
encourage followers to buy. Others have a viewpoint to espouse, evil or
good, and may get followers in that way. They all say “Follow me.”

But when Jesus says “Follow me”, it is something entirely different. In
John 1:35-37, we read of two disciples of John the Baptist, choosing not
only to follow Jesus physically but to choose Jesus to be their Rabbi. They
did this because of John’s proclamation of Jesus as the One he had been
proclaiming. In those days, a Rabbi’s disciples were with him 24/7, living
as he lived and learning from his teaching. In verse 43, we read Jesus saying
to Philip, “Follow me.” And Philip did, immediately! What an invitation to
be with Jesus 24/7! That same invitation is for followers of Christ today!

Being a follower of Christ begins when we trust what He did on the cross,
but it is only the beginning as we grow in trusting in the living Christ in us,
minute by minute, day by day, forever. This is a 24/7 life of living centered
on Him. John Ortberg says in his book Eternity is Now in Session, “To
“trust Jesus” in the Gospels simply means to think He is right about
everything.” Now that is a life-changing perspective! What does this look
like? As followers/disciples, we love Him and love others; we forgive as we
have been forgiven; we are radically truthful; we are generous; we seek to
do what Jesus says, we begin each day centered on Him and so much
more. But this is not onerous, it is freeing and joyful because He is doing it
in us, partnering with our choice to follow Him. In John 10:10b, Jesus
says, “I am come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” If you
want that life, then choose to say “Yes” when Jesus says “Follow Me.”

Pray: Ask God to show you how you have followed Him. Ask God to show
you where He wants you to grow in living 24/7 with Him. Pray that you
might have joy in the process of growing! Be still and listen. Thank Him.

Francie Overstreet

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