Sometimes God works in mysterious ways and sometimes he works through just a few simple words. God weaves together so many things that on most days we might not see or recognize his handiwork. In all the things, in big and small ways we see God demonstrate his power,  confession might be his most powerful to me. The way the Spirit works in our hearts to allow us to say what we did wrong, and how he works in other people to forgive, is truly amazing!

There is a memory that is seared into my heart. I think back to that moment, with tears in my eyes, telling Mark Richardson and Francie Overstreet how I snuck out of Sunday School. This was the first and only time! When Mark caught me by the maintenance area there was fear in my heart and I wanted to just run away, but the Spirit was there with me to guide me to do what was right. That was a powerful moment in the midst of my mistake, the Spirit’s power allowed me to stop and submit. The gracious response from two caring leaders was just as powerful. When we see simple power it changes us from fear to freedom, from anger to love, and from darkness to light. It is when we bring sin and mistakes to the light that we see the power of the cross and the power of the Spirit (1 John 1:7). It is through these simple acts of confession and forgiveness that God’s power is magnified and we get to witness this all the time!

The beauty of the Gospel; is a simple demonstration of God’s power. Fancy words and bold stories are great (I really enjoy them), but when we see the Spirit work through others, when we see him weave lives and stories together, when we see him bring healing to the broken, God’s power is revealed. Power like that gives hope for today and it gives us a glimpse of how God cares for his people. What it boils down to, is while I want the parting of the Red Sea moments, I will take the simple displays of power through normal means every chance I get. If you need a little hope or encouragement, to see God’s power let us know.  We are here to help.

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Pastor Jeremy Johnson
Family Pastor

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