Happy Friday! We’re looking at Psalm 132 one more time today. We see the author recount a huge declaration that he wouldn’t even sleep until he built the temple. Obviously, David wasn’t able to carry through with his promises. Not only did he break his word the next time he slept, he never was able to finish the temple at all! His son Solomon was the one to finish it.

Personally, I can think of a handful of times when I made big proclamations to God shortly before I broke them … in hindsight, it’s kinda funny… but also kinda sad. I’m sure you’ve done the same at some point in your life. It’s interesting to me that God calls David a man after his own heart despite this though. I find that pretty encouraging.

God the Father has a spotless record. He does exactly what he says he’ll do. Possibly the most comforting aspect of this is that we don’t have to have a perfect track record to be counted among the saved. Sure we’re called to strive and become more Christlike, but we are saved on Jesus’ perfect stripes, not our own merits. So every time we see God’s word coming to pass, we can be glad, and every time we see our word falter, we can thank God that he is not like us.

Jonathan Duncan

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