I’m a child of the 80’s. Having grown up in a Christian home, that means I was an Amy Grant fan — big hair and all! If you know Amy Grant, you probably know the lyrics to her song, “Jehovah,” which appeared on her album, Straight Ahead.

It came out in 1984; I was really young! 🙂 I can remember dancing around with my friends, boombox blasting in the middle of the room, singing “And Jehovah I love You so, And Jesus I want You to know!” It was a fun chorus, but I don’t remember paying the same attention to the verses.

The verses of the song are taken from Matthew 6 and when you stop and really notice what they are saying, it can completely change your perspective. “Consider … He takes after each and every need. Consider … He knows your every care. Consider … All you’ve done for me to set me free.” Look around; consider how the birds and the flowers respond, then choose how to act.

We are free to not worry. Pastor Ryan said in his sermon this last weekend: “birds are too dumb to be worried; but we’re often too smart to trust.” He then goes on to tell us to “be discipled by the birds and the flowers; choose to live a life of non-anxious presence.” Disciple means follower. Follow the example of creation. Let your attitude of trust reflect that of a peaceful bird or a beautiful flower. Which are you choosing today? You are more valuable to God than anything else in

his creation. You are free to let go of worry and trust in the presence of the Lord Almighty who loves you so!

Take a moment to go for a walk outside. Look and listen. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you notice? If you can, find a bird or a flower and study it for a few moments. For what are they concerned? Are they living a life of non-anxious presence? Ask God to help you live your life in the same way. He cares for you.

Lynette Fuson
Director of Women’s Ministries

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