I’ve worn glasses or contact lenses since my teens. My dad figured out I needed some help when I was playing Babe Ruth baseball in left field and misjudged a routine fly ball. Oops. My error nearly cost us the game. My dad said I needed an eye exam. He was right. I was myopic, needing some help for my vision. What confused me then and still confuses me now at my annual eye exams is when the optician asks me to decide between #1 or as he flips the screen, #2. I’m never quite sure. I tell him I’m guessing, but he still carries on. I get progressive lenses that help me simply tilt my head for the best vision.

As Matthew addresses our vision in these verses, he isn’t really talking about our natural eyesight. He is addressing a much deeper need. The question for us all is, “Are we walking in the Light?” Are we viewing the Light? Is the true Light of the world coming into our life? Because the alternative is deathly. We dare not allow darkness of any kind to encroach or overtake us. If there is darkness within us, brought there by what we view, what we hear, how we live and what we believe, Matthew exclaims loudly, “How great is that darkness!” This darkness refers to evil, living life against the will of God and His kingdom.

Currently, while many of us are sequestered at home, we have more time than usual to think, wonder, ponder and doubt the truth. Now, more than at any other time, we must keep to the truth—the Lord Jesus is still in charge and totally in control. This never changes. He never changes. He is for us and never against us. Darkness will try to bring doubt to this truth. Don’t close your eyes to the truth, no matter how you are feeling. Feelings are apt to change. Circumstances will change. Truth will always win out over fear, anxiety and doubt.


Walking in the Light of the Word of God will help us not stumble into worry. Allow the Lord to pace your steps right now. Submit your day to Him. Ask Him to show you where He wants you to focus your eyes, your thoughts and your energy.

Chip Whitman
Pastor of Care & Counseling

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