Are you familiar with the painting of the Rubin Vase (CLICK HERE to view a Rubin Vase example)? It is perhaps the most famous optical illusion ever created. In it, Rubin, a psychologist, creates a masterpiece where there are two things that can be seen. In black you see two faces looking directly at each other. In white, you see a really nice curved vase. Which one you see depends on which one you’re looking at, and whether or not you even expect to see more than one thing!

For centuries, followers of God and readers of Scripture looked at the creation story, not realizing it is a Rubin Vase. But why would they have had any reason to think otherwise? The narrative from Genesis 1-2 is God and Lord God-centered, with the exception of one verse that mentions the Spirit of God hovering over the waters. So, and rightly so, as they contemplated how things came into being, they never considered that there was another, equally true way to understand how what was made, was made.

All of that changed when John sat down and put pen to paper. In verse one of chapter one, he lets us know that there is another way to see creation. He shows us what we were not looking for – it is also Jesus who is intimately involved in making what was made (“without him, nothing was made that has been made.”). It is the ultimate Rubin Vase. When you look at creation one way, you see God. When you look at it another, you see Jesus. And since Jesus is God, either way, you see God!

Sometimes in our hectic lives, we look at our situations and our stresses and we forget that they are, indeed, a Rubin Vase. What matters is what we focus on, or more importantly, Who. And so, do we look at our circumstances, or do we look at Jesus? Do we focus on the creation or the Creator? Do we even think to look for Jesus at all?

Today, may you be enabled by the Spirit of God to see the Son of God in all that is going on in your life. If you need to, ask Him to help you see Him instead of what crowds Him out.

I plan to join you in this prayer.

Scott Smith
Care Pastor

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