In the opening stanzas of Genesis, we learn that God simply spoke the cosmos into being. However, the intricate planning behind the “design” of this universe was done by an all-wise and loving Creator. He did not simply explode the vast material of the cosmos into existence and wait to see what would come out. He intentionally designed every detail of what He was about to create and then brought it into existence through the power of His Word. This command included all of the physical laws of the universe from intergalactic movements to the interaction of the smallest subatomic particles. None of it occurred by chance. It was all done by intelligent design. And the most amazing thing about this creation is that God then breathed “life” into a lifeless cosmos.

Many generations of human history later, the Apostle John was inspired to write the gospel that bears his name. One of the key revelations given through John is that the creative “force” behind the birth of the universe was far more than just an explosive energy field – it was actually a person, God’s Son. John declared “All things were made through him…” (John 1:3) and reveals that the Word of God is actually a “divine person” eternally co-existing within the Godhead. John then tells us that in the fullness of time, the Word came to earth in human flesh. The eternal, all-powerful Word that spoke the cosmos into existence eventually became the incarnate Word – a babe in a manger. We call him Jesus of Nazareth.

Thus creation was in reality a very “personal” event. In fact, you can say it was an act of love from the heart of God. Author Michael Reeves in his book Delighting in the Trinity writes “Since God the Father has eternally loved his Son, it is entirely characteristic of him to turn and create others [i.e., humanity] that he might also love them.” So, in a sense, God created an entire universe in order that we human beings would have a place to live and breathe and be loved by God. It doesn’t get more personal than that!

As we look at our increasingly technological world today we get a sense that civilization is trending more and more in the direction of the impersonal. We see this in so many ways in our culture – computerization, self-checkout, artificial intelligence, and automated everything! But at the heart of the universe is still a God existing in eternal intimacy as three divine persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And amazingly that triune God desires to live in a personal love relationship with us! May we each open our hearts to receive the full embrace of God’s love through his Incarnate Word!

Dave Korinek

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