One day at work, years ago, I was driving in San Diego and of course, traffic was really bad. I had the great idea to cut down some side streets and find my way around all the traffic. The downside was that there was a parade and there was no way to get where I needed to go. I sat there just watching people walking, talking, and enjoying the day.  There was nothing else I could do. This is what I picture when I read John 6:1-15.

Jesus’ actions had created quite the following, especially since it was almost Passover and many more people were coming into town. Jesus and his disciples traveled primarily by foot and they had been taking care of a lot of people! They were hungry, tired, and all their extrovertedness had been depleted. Of course, there was no break, instead, thousands of weary and hungry people kept following Jesus. Imagine what the townspeople must have been thinking or imagine what it must have been like as one of the weary and hungry followers! Now put yourselves in the role of the disciples.You have given everything you thought you had and yet people wanted more. This would have been a challenge for most people because there were just too many people to take care of.

Jesus took the opportunity to once again show God’s love and kindness to so many people in need. Where my heart might have failed and out of exhaustion I might have thrown in the towel, Jesus was about to do something truly amazing and unique. I appreciate his miracle a whole lot more when I understand the whole situation. Sometimes I (maybe you as well) need to step back from the life situation we are in to see the whole situation.

I still remember sitting back and enjoying the parade when I stepped back to realize my helplessness in that situation, all I could do was watch and pray. One day you might find yourself frustrated, tired, or hungry and you might need to see the whole situation.  Jesus can help you, he is ready to be there for you, will you give him a chance? If you need someone to pray with or talk to, we are here for you.

Jeremy Johnson
Family Pastor

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