Have you ever known someone who has had their seed snatched away? Do you have any family members or friends who have prayed to receive Christ as their savior at some point in their life and then later walked away from their faith? Unfortunately, this seems to be a pretty common story. However, I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be the end of the story. I know that because it’s my story as well. 

I was raised in an incredibly loving Christian family. I not only heard the gospel from an early age, but that message was “sown in” my heart in a deep way. As a kid, I had every advantage that Christian parents could bestow on a child. I attended the largest and most historically faithful Bible church in the area. My parents loved each other and the Lord. My father was involved in ministry. I only attended Christian schools, listened to Christian music, and went to all the Christian camps. I memorized all the books of the Bible, even the ones that I couldn’t pronounce. I won awards for attendance at multiple churches. I can’t remember how many times I raised my hand when the preacher asked me if I prayed “the prayer” (definitely more than 30). I would have won the gold medal for how much I did If there were a Christian Olympics. (thanks be to Jesus that there is no such thing!)

In spite of the hard work and effort after the seed of the kingdom was sown deep within my heart, the evil one snatched it away and I walked away from Jesus. In fact, I not only walked away, I walked right into as much trouble as I could possibly find.

But here I am. By God’s grace that was not the end of my story. Anyone who knew me in those days is surprised when they find out I’m a pastor. Clearly, I can take no credit for God’s work. By the grace of Jesus, my once shallow, rocky soul now has ever deepening roots. I share my story to remind you that even a seed that has been snatched can be replanted. Let’s pray and be hopeful for that. Let’s give grace to people in our lives the same way Jesus does. It doesn’t have to be the end of the story. 

Pastor Josh Rose
Adult Ministries

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