Junior High LogoJunior High is an extremely significant time of life. It is our hope, by the grace of God, to partner with parents and students of 7th and 8th graders to make the Jr. High years eternally significant.

Our program is designed to help Jr. High students honor God in all they do, connect with other believers, grow in their relationship with God, serve God as He has called each of us to do, and share their story with others. See below for a listing of our events and programs!

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Calendar of Events

See link in the column to the right to view our latest calendar of events (PDF file to download), or a listing of upcoming events.

Resources & More Info

Study Sundays

Sundays, 9:30 to 10:42 a.m.

The Sunday morning meeting is designed to help students grow. Students meet together in the Junior High Room for worship, teaching, announcements and more! Then they discuss the lesson, share and pray for each other in Core Groups; led by adults and divided by age and gender. Core Groups help students to learn about and live out the 2nd Base challenge; consistent prayer, regular Bible Study, acts of service and devotion to relationships with the other people in their Core Groups.

Outreach Wednesdays

Wednesdays, 6:30 to 8 p.m. (schedule varies in the summer, June-August)
Please note new Wednesday night start/end time!

The midweek meeting is designed to help students connect with Jesus and His church. It features games, hanging out with friends, singing, and teaching from the Bible about the stuff Junior High students deal with. This is a fun night that helps students with the process of understanding, making and keeping their commitment to Growing; to be actively involved in the Jr. High Ministry, and bring a Bible and Jr. High notebook.

Ministry Teams

We want students to serve God regularly and consistently.

MINISTRY TEAMS (our regular activity to make that happen) include the following teams: hospitality, OverDrive (our praise Band,) A/V lighting, drama and video. Students meet regularly to plan and carry out their group's activity of service for the Church and the Lord. Other activities to help students serve include house building, the Christmas gift box project, core group service project week and got kids. Contact the staff for more details.

Need Something? We're Here For You!

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Event and Trip Forms

Download all the forms (PDF files available) for Junior High camps and other group events below. The forms are required for any EFCC camp, trip or outside activity that you want to attend.

Click on a link to open or download the files. You will need a current version of Adobe® Reader®.

Download and print the Junior High Medical/Event Release form you need (outside event or camp forms included with EFCC medical and waiver form):

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Download Overtime Event Form (Ice-Plex - new form!) - Click here!

Download Other Local Camp Forms (Extreme Retreat) - Click here!

Fill out all appropriate forms and return them to the Junior High Dept. along with payment (if needed) for the camp or event. Not sure which form(s) to fill out for which events or trips? Click here to e-mail us.