Jeremy Johnson

Executive Pastor

Jeremy was born and raised in Escondido and grew up attending EFCC. Following Jesus was an important aspect of his life whether as a child dealing with health issues, as a young adult stuck in a foreign country or as a business consultant while supporting a family.

Jeremy has needed Jesus his whole life! That is why it is so cool for him to be the Executive Pastor at his home church, a role he assumed in the fall of 2023. His hope is for more and more people to find their hope in Jesus.

Jeremy holds a B.A. of history from San Diego State University and a Master of Divinity from Liberty Seminary. He is married to Cara (an awesome teacher) and father to Bella and Jay. They enjoy the beach and the mountains, surfing and hiking, and sunsets — since Jeremy is the only one who wakes up early enough to see the sunrise, he is the only one of his family to enjoy those.

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