Living in the Way of Jesus with the heart of Jesus in our country and culture.

What Is a Biblical Citizen?

Biblical citizenship is honoring God by living like Jesus as a citizen of heaven in our society, under the authority of human government (Philippians 3:20; 1 Peter 2:13).

Biblical citizenship is based on God’s plan for the relationship between God, government and individuals. The Bible teaches that all governing authority comes from God and that He determines all the times and boundaries for nations.

Therefore, government has the God-given responsibility to promote peace, encourage good and restrain evil (Romans 13:1-4; 1 Peter 2:14), and individuals have the God-given responsibility to honor governing authorities by submitting to them except when their directives are opposed to God’s principles (Romans 13:1, 5-7; 1 Peter 2:13, 15-17; Acts 5:29).

See below for more info about our purpose and helpful resources, including monthly briefing reports (scroll to the bottom of this page to access).


Periodically, we host events here at Emmanuel Faith. We offer events around election time, opportunities to make your voice be heard, or general seminars offering helpful information. Click the button below to visit our calendar of events page to see if any events are coming soon.

Here are some video replays from some of our recent events:

Scam Prevention Seminar (held in August 2023): Resource Handout
WATCH: Seminar Video 1 | Seminar Video 2

Protecting Our Children Seminar (held in October 2023)
Resource Handout | Phone Apps to Protect Kids || Watch Video

EFCC Upcoming Events

State Capitol | Emmanuel Faith Community Church | Escondido, CA

Our Purpose

• Raise awareness about public policy and culture through communications and events.
• Monitor legislation, judicial rulings and relevant cultural events.
• View current events through a biblical lens, particularly with regard to life, family and religious freedom.
• Communicate with the EFCC community through publications and forums.
• Provide tools to contact elected officials as led, offer election resources and encourage prayer for our country and national leaders.

Helpful Resources

The Emmanuel Faith Community Church Elder Board has clearly explained the biblical teaching on important moral issues such as gender identity, sexuality, human life, marriage, and the family.

Use the following links to begin your journey as an informed biblical citizen:
• How to Contact Your Elected Officials (PDF)
• Online Resources (PDF – Links to helpful information on current topics)
• What Happens When Christians Vote (PDF)
• Education Today – A Helpful Resource for Parents (PDF)

Monthly Briefings

Check out these monthly publications to help you stay updated and alert to watch and pray. See links to the most recent issues below. CLICK HERE to send an email with the subject line “SUBSCRIBE” to be placed on our communications list.

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