Hey can you do ______?  I need you to do_______.  Please pick that up.  Stop doing that!  Commands come in a variety of ways and sometimes we actually follow them! How does it feel to be told to obey something you do not feel like doing? How does it feel to obey something you disagree with? How does it feel to obey when you might fail? In most aspects of our life obedience is pretty simple. If you see a stop sign while driving- you probably stop, if you’re told to clean up your room- you probably clean it up, or if Jesus tells you to love your neighbor then you should obey him.

Jesus teaches us principles to obey and follow so we can be a light to those around us. He also gives correction, like a loving father, so we can avoid sin, hurt, or learn something important. He wants us to experience His love through simple obedience. He tells us to make our home in God’s love (John 15:10). When we obey him we abide or remain in his love. When we obey or follow his commands, we experience his love and joy (John 15:10-11). Why would I want to disobey and not experience what he has for me?

I wrestled with the idea of missing out on his love and joy by disobeying his simple commands and I asked why is it so hard sometimes? As I thought about it, I realized it is my insecurity, pain, pride, or sin that usually leads me to sidestep the act of obedience. Somewhere in my mind, I think by doing it my way I will feel better than by just obeying what Jesus tells me to do. Here is the problem, I am wrong when I disobey and I am wrong in my unbelief!  There is no justification for my disobedience even if I pretend justification makes sense and I miss out on experiencing what he wants to give, his love.

Let’s practice obedience today. God wants you to experience all his love so you can rejoice when you follow him. Take some time to look at scripture, take some time to pray, and then answer these two simple questions. What is Jesus teaching you and what will you do about it? I hope you experience what he has for you as you take these next steps.

Pastor Jeremy Johnson
Family Pastor

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