The first time I received an all-access backstage pass it was for a surf contest as a gift from a friend. I was so excited because I had access to meet the pros, eat free food, and go into special areas others couldn’t go. When my friend wasn’t with me though, I didn’t trust the pass to give me ALL-access, so I ended just staying in the background trying not to get kicked out. I didn’t have confidence that my pass meant the same as everyone else’s and then there was no freedom to use it fully. The next year was different, I knew what the pass gave me, and the contest was awesome. I walked around like I owned the place.

Paul wanted the Ephesians to know Jesus is that all access pass. Through Him the Ephesians could approach God as they belonged. They belonged because He calls them His own through His grace (Ephesians 2:8-9). That same truth is true for us! We have been given his incredible gift—all access to God. Access to the creator of the universe, the sustainer of the world, to our heavenly Father. We did not have to pay for it or earn the access, Jesus gave us an incredible gift.

This new access made the Ephesians feel approved, accepted, and loved by God. They understood that no matter what others thought, their access could not be changed. This allowed them to confidently approach God on their own and gave them freedom to tell Him anything. Jesus changed their hearts to give them this ability. This is true for us as well!

Sometimes I still need to be reminded of what Jesus has done. He has given me life and allows me to lift my prayers to Him ALWAYS! That means access is never denied and it means God wants us to always come to Him. As I think about this amazing truth I am filled with acceptance and love. It makes me want to spend time with God, to make this relationship and conversation a priority because He will never say I have the wrong pass.

How have you been approaching God? Have you approached with confidence and freedom because Jesus has changed you and given you access? Read Ephesians 3:12 through the next week and take time to thank God for the access He has given you.

Jesus, thank you for making a way to God the Father for me, thank you for allowing me to come to at any time without fear and with confidence knowing you are there. Amen.

Jeremy Johnson
Pastor of Men’s Ministries

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