When I was little there was a story called “Lambert the Sheep-ish Lion” and for some reason I loved it. A lion mistakenly was adopted into a family of sheep and since he was much different he was picked on and never learned how to be a lion, instead, he hid behind his mom sheepishly. Until a wolf came and something changed in him, he couldn’t hide in fear or else he would lose all he cared about. He transformed into a bold and courageous lion who protected his flock!

When I think of my life as a follower of Jesus, I used to relate to Lambert. Not always bold, confident, or courageous. This really played out in my prayer time with the Lord. My prayers were safe because I was afraid of asking too much of God or afraid he might not answer them in the way I wanted. The downside is my faith didn’t grow much because I wasn’t letting God be God nor letting him do bold things.

A life of faith requires a relationship with the Lord that can be bold in prayer when it needs to be.  The early church needed to be bold and courageous in talking with God because they needed his greatness to go before them! The disciples and the other followers needed to see God do big/bold things in them, through them, and among them. Of course, God did amazingly, bold things in the people and the community! (Acts 4:23-31). After being questioned earlier in the chapter, Peter and John spoke boldly about the power God gave them to speak and now they are praying with their brothers and sisters.  Acts 4:24 says they “raised their voices together in prayer…” and to me, that must have just been a pleasing sound to the Lord.  God answered by filling them with the Spirit and allowing them to speak for Him boldly! (Acts 4:31)

Bold prayers lead to bold words and bold actions. God works powerfully to take care of his people and help us fulfill the call he has given. Let’s not sheepishly go about our days. Will you be bold to raise your voice in prayer, ask him to guide you, and call others to join you? Praying for boldness for all of us as a church today!

Pastor Jeremy Johnson
Family Pastor

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