If you are like me coming into Advent season, there can be mixed emotions. Excitement for the season, joy for Jesus coming, and then sometimes unexplained fear. The first two emotions make sense, but I had to wrestle with fear. It isn’t fear as you get from a roller coaster or because it is the end of the year and there is so much to do (although in my business days that was overwhelming)! Realistically for me, it has to do with not allowing the Good News and the news of this season to be what saves me from my sin, and instead of resting in Jesus, there is this twinge of fear of not being good enough.

It is in that twinge of fear that the enemy plays with during this time. Maybe it is because of relational issues, maybe it is work issues, maybe there has been loss, maybe there is just some sin that has had power in your life for too long, and instead of turning to Jesus, we hide because of fear. That is why this is such an important time of the year because Jesus came and took on flesh (John 1:14) we can accept his glory and truth that he freed us from punishment and judgment (1 John 4:17-18). Jesus is with us, he has given us the Father’s love so we can be with him! He has done this so we do not have to be trapped in the fear that we are not enough!  His love has changed everything for his followers. God’s love allows our hope to be bigger than our fears during this season.

We do not have to fear the future either. Because Jesus came there is now no fear of death or the enemy, we are no longer slaves to his power (Hebrews 2:14-15). Jesus wants to be free to enjoy him and this season. He came to usher in his kingdom and give rest to the weary, hopes to the hopeless, and courage to those who are afraid. He is my challenge and prayer. If you are struggling this season, will you ask God for the hope in Jesus to stand in his love? WIll you reach out if you need help? It is our joy to walk alongside you in this season because we are family. If you have hope to give, can you encourage those around you, can you check on those God puts on your heart? As always we are here for you if we can help.

Pastor Jeremy Johnson
family Pastor

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