Being a product of the 1980s there was a spike in interest in the wonderful sport of tennis. On TV it looked easy, fun, and because of a certain player and a slogan, many kids became interested in giving it a try. Andre Agassi did a campaign for a camera company and the slogan he made famous was, “Image is everything!” They had used him to promote tennis to the masses and recruit a new generation of players and consumers. I was one of them.  Before I took a lesson or really played, I made sure to have the right shoes, clothes, and racket because the image meant more than actually being able to play. Just to confirm, tennis was not my sport!

In 1 Corinthians 3:18-4:14, Paul contrasts his image wearing rags and even comparing himself to scum or garbage versus the wealthy and highly thought of people in Corinth. His point was simple, image is everything and it can deceive easily. He did not want people to fall easily to the deception the world offered and wanted them to look at what mattered, the heart. Paul had visited and written this group of believers and his desire was for them to grow in spiritual maturity. He wanted them to not worry about the image they created, but instead allow Christ to transform them. He wrote them as children he loved and wanted the best for them so they could take steps to maturity.

Sometimes it is easy to worry about our image more than our heart. We try to make everything on the outside look a certain way which then doesn’t actually reflect what is on the inside. I tried to look like a tennis player more than just learning to be one. Paul did not want that for the church in Corinth and that is not what is needed today. Let’s not be deceived by image and instead allow Christ to work in and through us. Is there a way you are portraying an image more than living out your faith? Is there something you are hiding behind that you need a little help overcoming? God is there for you, go to him in prayer and ask him to help. We are here to pray and help you!

Pastor Jeremy Johnson
Family Pastor

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