I was reminded of God’s perfect design recently when a mother hummingbird carefully built her nest on top of a wind chime on our patio. It looked precarious to me, but she picked a place sheltered from the weather, out of sight and she constructed it so carefully. She even wrapped it in a spiderweb so that it would expand as the babies grew. Then she laid two tiny eggs and sat on them for two or three weeks until her tiny babies hatched. Every day we watched that nest, barely used the patio so as not to disturb, and then finally the two babies grew too large for the nest and flew away to start their lives in God’s beautiful creation. It has been fun to watch them zipping around our backyard enjoying the nectar of the flowers and bird feeders.

As we discussed Psalm 124 in our writing team meeting this week, one member reminded us that we humans are ‘designed for freedom’ by God. One of our greatest gifts from Him is the ability to “choose,” to act freely, but just as he meticulously designed things in nature like the hummingbirds, even more so he perfectly designed us. (Psalm 139) Most importantly, He created and designed us to be in a loving, personal, conversational relationship with Him.

Our gift of choice to live as people who are free in Christ gives us abundant life, not perfect, but joyful even in trials, and peaceful even in tribulation. Bottom line, God gave us freedom so that we can choose Him as the Lord and love of our lives and enjoy the abundant living He provides. As 2 Corinthians 3:17 tells us, “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” He is where our true freedom is really found.

Psalm 124 reminds us that the Lord is on our side. He is our helper, protector, and defender. We can choose Him, and be the people He created us to be. We can make the choice every day to praise Him for that freedom.

Deb Hill
Executive Assistant

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