Having grown up in Southern California, I realize that I’ve been spoiled rotten by our weather! If the temperature dips into the 60s, I call it cold. If it rains at all, I complain. It doesn’t even strike me as unique to wake up on Christmas morning to a bright sunny day with clear skies and a high of 82. The truth is that we are blessed to live in a land that is so saturated by the sun.

There’s an analogy here to our spiritual lives. I think that many of us would have to admit that we’ve been spoiled rotten by the gracious gift of God’s presence in our lives. Many of us have seen and experienced God’s love in our families, friends and churches. The truth is that we are blessed to live in a land that is so saturated by the Son.

However, just because we have so many blessings, doesn’t mean that we don’t experience the shadows. Even though, God’s love is all around us, sometimes we experience dark times. Psalm 23 calls these times, “the valley of the shadow of death.” David had experienced incredible blessing, but he still walked through dark valleys where he couldn’t see the light of the Lord. He doubted and wondered if God was even there at all (Psalm 10:1; 74:9). If that was his experience, then it might be ours as well.

You see, it is easy to see God’s gracious hand of leadership when you are resting in the lush green pastures or drinking from the cool waters of His love. But what about those times in life when we don’t see or feel God? When there is a shadow over your life and all feels dark? What about those times when it just seems like God isn’t there? When you pray and it feels like no one is listening. Have you experienced times like this? I know I have.

The good news that David proclaims is, even in the darkest valley of death, “You are with me.” Even in the shadows. Not just on the bright sunny days, but on the dark and cloudy days as well. The God of the Universe as revealed in Jesus wants to meet you there. He hasn’t left you. Do you believe that?

Here’s a song to reflect on as you ponder this: “Trust in You,” by Lauren Daigle: https://youtu.be/qv-SXz_exKE





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