Do you see our current road laws as a blessing? I ask because I have been given tickets and I have been let out of tickets. At times mercy and grace were exercised in place of the consequence of breaking the law and at times I faced a penalty for breaking the law. While I think sometimes the law does not apply or I ignore it, I did start appreciating it more and more when my daughter and her friends started driving! It gave guardrails to keep them all safe as they learned how to navigate busy streets and freeways. Of course, if something better had come along, then I would have rejoiced as well because I really just wanted them taken care of. I share all this because while God gave the law through Moses- which was good for the people, they needed something or someone better.

Jesus came fully in grace and truth (v.14). He came and brought a fullness the law could not. This was hard for people to accept because they had not been able to understand or see the benefit at first. John 1:17 tells us that “grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” The law was truth, but Jesus made it complete with grace. He gave favor that the law could not, he gave blessings the law could not, and he gave through relationships which the law could not. He gave people a chance to receive grace upon grace (v.16) all because God wanted his people to experience his favor and love. He did that then and he continues to do so today.

So how have you been experiencing grace in exchange for law? Can you take a few moments to think about how this week you received grace upon grace? It might be little things or maybe it is major things, but I want to encourage you to accept what Jesus has to offer, even if it is truth. Sometimes we need to see the truth as well and receive it in light of the grace we receive. Once you think through those things, take some time to pray and thank the Lord for what he has done.

Jeremy Johnson
Family Pastor

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