If anyone has put together furniture before (Ikea instruction manuals come to mind), then you know sometimes missing a step has huge ramifications for the end product. When it comes out perfect we revel in its glory (or ours). Sometimes when I read the bible, I might miss a key word or a step and then that changes the outcome, just like if I miss a step with the furniture. This happened to me with the story in Luke 2 about Simeon and Jesus.  

In the story, Simeon is prophesying over Jesus and in verse 32 he says that Jesus will be,a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and the glory of your people Israel.” The light Simeon refers to makes sense because Jesus was light through the darkness that sin had made. He opened salvation to the Gentiles. Usually I did not think much about what Simeon meant by “the glory of your people Israel.”

Jesus came to save the lost and return honor/glory back to Israel or to restore the call Israel had- which was to bring the world to God. Genesis 12:2-3, Genesis 22:18, and Genesis 26:4 all speak to how the world will be blessed through the descendants of Israel. So Jesus came to redeem this world and redeem Israel’s glory/honor. Jesus came to redeem people, history, purpose could all be restored. When the angel came to the shepherds in the field in Luke 2:10, he told them the good news was for ALL people (Jew and Gentile) and that is also what Simeon is saying over Jesus. He was also saying Jesus will restore the honor of the nation since they were his people, God had used them to bless the world through Jesus.

Jesus’ coming meant light for those who couldn’t see and restoring the glory to those who might have missed a step. Jesus came for all this season, which is something to honor and praise.

Jesus has been teaching me how to cherish the good news that Jesus brings, what has he been teaching you? Who can use a little good news or light this season?  Can you pray and ask the Lord who you should share his story with? Or maybe invite them to the Christmas eve service with you!  Merry Christmas Eve!

Pastor Jeremy Johnson
Family Pastor

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