Pastor Ryan (my boss) returned to campus this week and we met to download with each other and go over the plans for the week. I love these meetings because it’s a conversation, he is a great listener, and I always leave feeling refreshed and ready to meet the challenges of the week. I love hearing his stories and I come away with more than just a to-do list, but the feeling of being part of a team.

In Exodus 33 Moses is having a conversation with God. He is asking God about the plan for him to lead the Hebrew nation to the promised land and after Moses makes his case, God assures him He will be with them. Then Moses goes a step further and asks to see God’s full glory. What is so interesting is the special relationship between God and Moses — the honesty and even boldness that Moses has in his requests of God. No matter how much Moses questions him, God is patient and honors his heart that is seeking more than the presence of God, but to see his full glory.

When you opened this devotional and began to read, you were seeking God’s face. He loves that! When you set aside time to meet with him, it pleases him. When you pause during daily tasks to pray with or for someone else, it delights him. When you thank him, pray for someone who has hurt you, and especially when you are still and listen for his whispered response, he is thrilled. Oswald Chambers said, “When we no longer seek God for His blessings, we have time to seek Him for Himself.” God wants to speak to you. He wants to have a conversation with you and he wants you to listen to Him as he listens to you.

Talking with God (prayer) isn’t meant to be an afterthought or a last resort when nothing else has worked. It’s how he can do miracles in our hearts. Through prayer, he brings our lives into alignment with his vision and plans. God knows our hearts, but wants us to interact with Him. If we never pray, we take ourselves out of the picture and give up the opportunity to know what God wants us to do. (Read Psalm 66:19)

When our computers stall, we hit the refresh button to reset them. We can hit the refresh button spiritually by seeking God’s face in a new way, growing our prayer life, and spending time with Him. (Read Matthew 6:6)

Think of your last conversation with God; could you say afterward, “Good Talk!” If not, what could you do this week to hit the “spiritual refresh” button? Take some time today to have a conversation with God, share what is on your heart and then be still.

Deb Hill
Executive Administrative Assistant

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