Isn’t it amazing that the King who already rules over everything wants our honor? So much so that he has allowed us to have free will so that our honor to him is not robotic but actually a choice? Honoring the Lord is a genuine heart response to his love for us, not a mandatory homage. ⁣So how do we honor the Lord? I’m sure each of you does this in different little and big ways in your lives and your hearts. I have recently been practicing the spiritual discipline of silence and solitude. I wake up in the morning and sit in my living room in the quiet before the noise and chaos of the day begin and ask the Lord to quiet my heart and speak to me. I wish I could tell you that I’m really good at it and I hear from the Lord all the time. The reality is, I get anxious about the quiet and stillness and feel like I could be doing so many other things. I feel guilty for how distractible I am. But I’m learning to practice this discipline. And the practice of setting aside time in my day for my relationship with the Lord has been just that, a practice that is intended to honor my King. ⁣There have been seasons in my life where honoring the Lord meant traveling to other continents and giving my time and resources to bless the poor and the sick. Some seasons of honor looked like working really hard at my classes or learning to honor the Lord with my gifts and talents. There have been many seasons where honoring the King meant choosing to put one foot in front of the other and not give up on marriage, health, kids, career, and faith.  Each heart act of honor is so beautiful to our King because it is an honest response to his great love for us, not a demand. Ladies, in this beautiful community of believers, new and mature followers of Christ, what are some ways you have chosen to honor your King? If you feel comfortable sharing, we would be blessed to hear!

Alisha Keating

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