Paul’s love and appreciation for the Philippian believers is evident throughout Philippians 1:21-26. He finds joy and encouragement in their partnership in the gospel and expresses his desire to remain with them to support their progress and joy in the faith. This reflects the deep sense of community and mutual support among the early Christians.

Have you ever felt this same sense of joy in gospel partnership among other believers? Some of the richest experiences I’ve had in my walk with Christ came from co-laboring in the Gospel within intentional communities. When I was younger, I took a one-year break to attend a local discipleship program. Five days a week, we worshiped together, broke bread and shared meals, studied the Bible, did outreach in the streets of San Diego, shared the Gospel with strangers, encouraged each other, prayed for each other, and supported each other, soaking up the way of Jesus. We did life together and found immense joy in each other’s presence and the presence of Jesus. I grew more in that year than in the previous ten years of just attending weekly Sunday services.

After that year, we all went our separate ways to multiply and share what had been poured into us. I found profound joy in the friendships of the community, sharing the love of Jesus, and pouring back the investment that was made in me into others—joy that surpasses any happiness the world could offer.

Surrounding yourself with an intentional community of believers who share your passion for Christ can transform your walk with Him and bring a joy that deepens your faith and enriches your life. I encourage you to seek out such a community – join a life group, start a discipleship group, join an outreach team, or even search for a discipleship school for a season – and experience the profound joy that comes from growing together in Christ.

Outreach and Discipleship

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