What a beautiful description of a godly life, joyfully planted along the riverbank bearing an abundance of fruit each season. The storms of life might come, but the tree stands strong and prosperous.

How can we make our roots grow deep so we’re not “like worthless chaff, scattered by the wind”? Re-read verse 1. Are you seeking out godly advice? Are you joining in with mockers, who cast unloving remarks to those who hold differing opinions?   

Re-read verse 2. Take a minute and ask yourself what you delight in. What makes you really happy? Would you say that you delight in God’s Word?

The passage talks about meditating on God’s Word day and night. How easy or difficult is this for you? Is there a small step you can make today to help keep God in the forefront of your mind? Maybe it’s setting an alarm for every hour or two that you’re awake. Or maybe it’s taking a screenshot of  the YouVersion verse of the day and reading it at breakfast, lunch and dinner, letting it soak into your heart and mind. Ask God to show you how you can meditate on God’s Word throughout the day.


Oh Lord, help me be aware when I am following the advice of the wicked or joining in with mockers. May my heart and mind delight in you and your Word. Help me to meditate on it day and night. Forgive me when my mind wanders to the ungodly and unloving things of this world. Lord, there are so many distractions vying for attention. Empower me to keep my focus on you so that I can be like a tree firmly planted along the riverbank, bearing your fruit each season. No matter what storms come my way, may I consistently bear the fruit of your spirit, providing nourishment for our broken world and lovingly pointing people to you.

By Cyndie de Neve
Senior Creative Director

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